A 1-0 Wins puts Sporting KC Back on top

Sporting KC went to New England, Saturday, to play the Revolution for the final time of the season. Sporting KC placed a spotty lineup on the field since four key players were injured but still managed to find a win. The only goal came in the 20th minute when Teal Bunbury broke away and took a shot to the right corner of the goal. Teal Bunbury thought on the goal was,

” It was huge that we could get a goal pretty early on and we were putting the pressure on them. I felt like it was only a matter of time that we were going to put one in the back of the net. We were able to get the win, which is the biggest thing.”

The officiating was also a deciding factor in this match, with four yellow cards given, the first yellow came in the 54th when Ryan Guy recklessly tackled Soony Saad. The second came one minute later when Lawrence Olum took out Dimitry Imbongo. The last two came in the 77th and 88th, Benny Fellihaber made a tactical challenge in the 77th and in the 88th Matt Besler was also cautioned for a tactical challenge. The game ended with the first Sporting KC win in the last four weeks and Manager Peter Vermes said

“I think (the win) helps no doubt. It’s a positive play, but I really don’t think anything will deter from the excitement on Wednesday night…(Open Cup Final) And I think the guys, they sense it now, and I think our venue is going to be a pretty interesting environment, so were excited about it.”

Wednesday could be the toughest game Sporting KC has played this season, US Open Cup Final, they will play the Seattle Sounders whom they tied 1-1, last time they played. Vermes said “It’s a totally different world: it’s a cup final.” So this game is the MOST important game Sporting KC has had this season.


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