A Rough Week Ahead for the Mavericks

With a Wild week ahead, Kenton Miller was the first Maverick to leave this week as the NHL lockout ended.

With the NHL lockout ended, all professional hockey minor league teams will lose players to NHL camps and call-ups. The Mavericks fall into this category just like every other minor league teams. The Mavericks have already lost one player, Kenton Miller. Miller was called up to the Chicago Wolves, the Mavericks AHL affiliate. Losing Miller will be tough on the Mavericks because he has been a big part of the team so far. Miller’s statistics for the Mavericks included 12 goals and 11 assists.

The Mavericks are likely to lose four to five more players which might include players such as Kellen Tochkin, Andrew Courtney and John Scott-Dickson. All have potential NHL talent but still have room for some growth. The next player to go is questionable but I think Kellen Tochkin will go because he has a contract with the Vancouver Canucks and will all the call-ups, space will open in Chicago. Tochkin Mavericks statistics include, six goals and seven assist. Mavericks GM and President, Brent Thiessen thoughts on this stressful time are,

“It is definitely a bit of a different week that is for sure, but we didn’t sign any NHL guys thinking that the lockout would probably be resolved.  I think several teams will have player movement this week or two but we feel comfortable with our roster and we have been very happy with the way things have been going lately.  There is a lot more activity than normally but we are staying the course.” He then went on to say  “I think fans will see several players from CHL teams making the Jump to the AHL, as well as some players going to the ECHL with the lack of the reciprocal agreement this season.  As far as the Mavs are concerned, Miller earned a call up last week totally unrelated to the NHL lockout and we do not expect a lot of movement from our roster.”

Only time will tell who will go but one thing is certain, this is going to be a rough and wild week for the Mavericks and fans. As the week unfolds and more news comes out, you can count on KC Sports Journalism for all your Missouri Mavericks updates. Some may be good and some bad but the KC Sports Journalism team will be there reporting for you. Please leave a comment on who you think will go next.

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