A Suffocating Loss Hurts the Mavericks

Neil Conway, Quad City, barely stops the puck from going into the net. This would have resulted in the Mavericks third goal and would have sent the game in a completely different direction. Photo Courtesy of Jeremiah Griffith

The final score was 5-2 as the Mavericks skated off the ice,  Saturday, against the Quad City Mallards. The Maverick players were  clearly disappointed, losing their second straight. With a such a tough  loss coming the second night in a row, Mavericks fans now have to wonder,  are we going back to old ways? Hopefully the answer is no but it is too early to tell.

David Simoes and Gabriel Boutin-Gagnon shown here fighting. Simoes won the fight but both left the ice bruised and bloodied.

The first period was the only time the Mavericks led in the whole game as they scored two goals while only allowing one. The Mallards  struck first when Obi Aduba found the net, 11:24 into the first. Bobby  Preace was credited with the assist. The Mavericks scored the next two  goals with the first coming at the 16:27 mark. The goal was scored by  Ryan Jardine and assisted by Kellen Tochkin. With just 2:04 left in the  period, the Mavericks Kenton Miller found the net after rebounding an Andrew Courtney shot. The Mavericks were ahead 2-1 and with just 2:02  left in the period, David Simoes and Gabe Boutin-Gagnon dropped the  gloves. What most have learned over the past few years of watching David Simoes fight is that you do not cross the line with him.  Boutin-Gagnon did, resulting in a bloody skate back to the locker room be fore the end of the period.

After the first period, the Mavericks allowed four more goals,  none of which are notable, and scored none. The game resulted in a  disappointing and saddening 5-2 loss. The Mavericks had a clumsy and  terrible game tonight and this was another “worst game of the season”  nominee.

Seeing that the Mavericks have had two bad games in a row, fans are now wondering, can we snap out of it? The answer should come with the three games next week which are being played in Quad City and in Allen then at home against Tulsa. If the  Mavericks lose all three of the games, which is very unlikely, then we  should know that the Mavericks have sunk into the pit of old ways but if  they win at least two of those then we will know that it was just sloppy play for a short period of time. Only time can tell whether we  will win or lose but one thing is for sure, the Mavericks need to  improve on their penalty kill and defense.

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