A Thrilling Game as the Mavericks Win in a Shoot out

Brandon Smith stands up for Kellen Tochkin who was hit hard by Jean-Phillip Chabot. The Mavericks won this game 2-1 in a shootout. Photo Credit Goes to Jeremiah Griffith

Coming off a much needed win against the Wichita Thunder, the Mavericks were looking to extend their winning ways. This game was no ordinary competition for the Mavericks as they had to face off against the Denver Cutthroats whom, at the time, were third place in the CHL standings. The Mavericks played a great game and won in a “nail-biter” overtime shoot out. When Scott Hillman was asked his thoughts on the game he said,

“I thought it was a stronger team performance than last night. We really limited their [Denver] shooting chances. It would have been a heartbreaker for sure because we played a really solid defensive game. We just couldn’t find a way to get a second goal and they got a little bit of squeaker but yet Clemente was great again.”

The Mavericks scored their only goal of the game in the first period. That goal came, in the 15th minute, when John Scott-Dickson delivered a picture-perfect pass to Trevor Kell who found a slight opening in the net and scored. Five minutes later the period ended with the Mavericks leading 1-0.

In the second period, neither team scored but there were two fights. The first started when Jesse Chabot hit Kellen Tochkin into the boards, Tochkin went down and Chabot took a cheap shot on Tochkin.  Brandon Smith stood-up for his teammate and threw lots of punches only letting Chabot only throw a couple. When the fight was over, Smith had won but there was a five minute delay because of all the penalties that came with the fight. In the 12th minute, Dave Pszenyczny and Andrew Coles dropped the gloves and fought for about two seconds. The two were given roughing penalties instead of fighting, but it was still a fight.

With the Mavericks still lead 1-0 going into the third period, they tried to prevent any goal from going into the net. Unfortunately, the Cutthroats,  Mike Towns scored on a lucky bounce that just went into the goal. The assist on this goal went to Luke Fulghum. This goal came, in the 12th minute, and the Mavericks did not score again. The score was tied 1-1 going into overtime.

Neither the Mavericks or the Cutthroats scored in overtime and the game was sent into a shootout.  In a shootout both teams pick five players to go one-on-one with their respective goalies. Whoever has the most goals after five rounds wins. In the result of a tie, the teams go into “sudden-death”. This is where the game is decided in however many rounds it takes.

The first five rounds of the shoot out both teams scored two goals so the shootout went into sudden-death rounds and came down to Colt King and Shaun Zimmerman. Colt King scored his shot making the shootout score 4-3. Shaun Zimmerman skated up to Clemente but missed allowing the Mavericks the win.

“Ah, it’s great. Anytime you can contribute for the team, especially when all the pressure is on you. It’s something you dream of as a kid, and it felt great.” Those were Colt King’s thoughts on his game winning goal.

With this win, the Mavericks have won four straight and moved up too third place in the CHL standings.

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