Brutal Loss as the Cutthroats Score Late

Colt King attempts to score against, Cutthroat goalie, Keiran Millan. King fails to score but the Mavericks did score once yet still lost 2-1 because of a late goal by the Cutthroats. Photo Courtesy of Jeremiah Griffith

Two minutes was all the time left in the game and it was still tied 1-1.  The Mavericks thought this game was going into overtime but the Cutthroats had different plans. On Tuesday, the Mavericks and the Denver Cutthroats faced-off in what would end up being one of the best games in the Mavericks season. It came down to the wire and was won 2-1 by the Cutthroats.

“It was a great hockey game between two teams that are battling to move up in the standings.” said, Mavericks Coach, Scott Hillman, “Mathieu Corbeil was just outstanding in the net tonight. When he made that glove save, I thought that would get us a win. A lot of times, when a goalie makes a play like that, the team rallies and goes on to victory. That didn’t happen tonight. This is one of those frustrating losses where two teams battle and you want so badly to win and you can’t find a way to do it.”

The game was back and forth every period but with the score being only 2-1, there was obviously not many goals.  The first goal was scored just 1:17 into the first period by the Cutthroats. Jean-Phillip Chabot scored the goal after receiving a lucky rebound off a Mario Boilard shot. The Mavericks quickly retaliated scoring a goal less than five minutes later. Trevor Kell hit the upper right corner of the goal after receiving a great pass from Kellen Tochkin.   Both teams created some great chances after scoring the goals but neither scored in the second period. There was one incredible chance from Sebastian Thinel though. Just 4:31 into the second period, Thinel had a break away. It was just him and, Cutthroats Goalie, Kieran Millan. Thinel shot but did not hit the puck hard enough and Millan stopped it from going into the net.

There were many other great chances but yet neither the Cutthroats or the Mavericks found a way to score. With two minutes left and still tied 1-1, the Mavericks knew they couldn’t give up this one. But somehow & someway the Cutthroats put the puck in the net. Luke Fulghum sent a slap-shot sailing past Mathieu Corbiel and into the goal winning the game for the Cutthroats.

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