Dissapoting 7-2 Loss Against the Mallards

Mike Hellyer spears Dave Pszenyczny into the boards in this 7-2 loss against the Quad City Mallards. The game was ugly and according to head coach, Scott Hillman, "There wasn't a system or team, it was individuals getting beat one-on-one..." This ranks as one of the worst games in the 2012-2013 season. Photo Courtesy of Jeremiah Griffith

The final score was 7-2 when the Mavericks skated off the ice Friday night. The players’ heads were bowed low, defeat showing. The game was lost in the first ten minutes and could have been controlled if there had been minimal sloppy play. Unfortunately the Mavericks play was sloppy, especially at defense. Even though the Mavericks lost the game, there were still many positives. The Mavericks did score two goals and it wasn’t a 7-0 or 7-1 loss. They also out shot the Quad City Mallards, 36-21. With that said, it shows that the Mavericks were creating chances but just couldn’t get the puck in the net.

“The damage was done in the first ten minutes. We had individuals get beat one-after-another.  There wasn’t a system or team, it was individuals getting beat one-on-one,” Hillman said. “We are going to have to play with more urgancy. We have to play with more power. It’s hard to describe how this happens. This game is not just for one guy. We have to play as a team. It was contagious.”

The first period lost the whole game for the Mavericks as they allowed the Mallards to score four times. The first goal came just six minutes in when Obi Aduba managed to rebound an Anthony Pedicaro shot and scored on Mike Clemente. The next goal came just two minutes later, at the eight minute mark. This goal was netted by Mikey Lang and assisted by Obi Aduba. The third goal was caused because of a breakdown on defense, with just 9:30 left in the period. Obi Aduba and Mikey Lang had a fast break. Aduba fed a stellar pass to Lang and Lang scored. After this goal, the Mavericks pulled Mike Clemente and put in Mathieu Corbiel, who was back from his time with the Mavericks affiliate, the Chicago Wolves. Corbiel helped until the 14th minute when he made a dumb mistake trying to clear a pass out of the zone. Corbiel passed Mike Hellyer and Hellyer found the opportunity to score on the open net. With the score being 4-0, the Mavericks had to score or the game would have been over. The Mavericks did just that with less then three minutes left. Colt King scored after a great John Scott-Dickson assist.

Going into the second period, the damage was already done. The Mavericks had allowed the goals that changed the game completely. The Mallards only scored twice in the second. The first goal came at the 9:30 mark on a Shayne Toporowski rebound that Mike Stiniziani poked in for a goal. The sixth goal of the game was scored with less than thirty seconds left in the period, the goal was scored by Mitch McColm and assisted by Jason Dixon

The third period was even more controlled than the second as the Mavericks scored once and only allowed one goal. Kenton Miller scored just 7:30 into the period after a great feed by John Scott-Dickson. Ten minutes later, the Mallards,  Matt Boyd scored from center-ice on an empty net. This goal was assisted by Jason Dixon.

If the Mavericks had played well, like they did in the second and third period, the game would have been more controlled and the Mavericks would have had a chance to win it. The Mavericks travel to Quad City to play the Mallards tonight and then will return home to play the Thunder on Sunday. If they can win these two games, this game will likely be dismissed. But if the Mavericks have a tough weekend like last, the Mavericks will likely not hold fifth place in the CHL standings on Monday.

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