History is Made

Sebastian Thinel accomplished another Milestone, Friday, achieving his 800th CHL point. Thinel is only the sixth play in CHL history to do so. Photo Courtesy of Jeremiah Griffith

Sebastian Thinel has always been one of the best hockey players in the CHL. On Friday, Thinel accomplished another milestone when he achieved his 800th CHL point. Thinel 800th CHL point came after he assisted a Riley Emmerson goal. Thinel has had an extensive career in the CHL that has had him playing for the Odessa Jackapoles and the Missouri Mavericks. According to Mavericks coach Scott Hillman,

“He is the king,  He is the best, the most talented player I have played with – or against.  I’ve seen about 400 of his 800 points. Nothing he does surprises me anymore.”

With this milestone, Thinel became the sixth CHL player to reach the 800 points club and he joins Joe Burton, Travis Clayton, Jason Duda, Doug Lawrence and Chris Richards. Thinel has scored 279 goals and has 521 assists in his ten seasons in the CHL. Thinel’s thoughts on 800 were simply,

“It’s nice to get No. 800 on the game-winner. I would not be happy if it would have come in a loss.”

Thinel’s next goal has to be achieving 1000 points.  This will all depend on how long the St. Jerome, Quebec native has left in his tank. This could be one year or five years but one thing is for sure, the Mavericks nation is very proud of their captain on achieving greatness. One Maverick fan,Tracy Rogers, said,

“First of all, I felt blessed to watch him earn that point! Now I can say I was there! Second, he’s just an amazing guy and player.” Tracy went on to say “We are very fortunate to have Sebby on our beloved Mavericks team. The team wouldn’t be the team it is today without him.”

Another Maverick fan had a little bit different thought on Thinel, he said,

“There is no doubt he earned every point. He is a play-maker and a great leader… His skill And refined talent proved he was.not.only a stellar player, but also a true Maverick. Always there for his team and his fans. I hope to see him add hundreds more points in a Mavericks sweater.”


One comment on “History is Made
  1. Thinel is an awesome player. His expertise at making goals shines every game. If it is an unassisted goal or an assist of a team mate. Sebastian has his craft perfected and it shows.

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