Inside the Kansas City Shock; Final Thoughts

The "Inside the Kansas City Shock" series wrapped up yesterday but that doesn't mean we can't give our final thoughts

The “Inside the Kansas City Shock” series ended yesterday but we are devoting this post to some of our favorite quotes. Before we go  into the quotes, we truly thank the Kansas City Shock staff for all the  participation in this series. This was one of the best series we have  done and we hope to do many more Q&A. We had a great time talking  with everyone in the staff and we thank them for their patience and  graciousness toward us. We cannot wait to work with them in the future and  we are especially excited for the upcoming season. Enough with the  “mamble-jamble”, let’s get to the best quotes from the staff.

Our favorite quote comes from, owner, Shawn Daugherty. We asked  him, “Being one of the youngest owners, what is the best advice you  could give to teens and young adults about taking an idea to reality?”

Shawn Daugherty: Physical age means so, so little in today’s  world. Want to take your idea to reality? Accept that you’ll fail a few  times, always check out your audience, and enjoy taking chances.  Remember, whatever it is you’re doing, you’re doing it out of passion.  People will tell you that passion doesn’t pay the bills, but those are  the people that have lost their passion.

The funniest quote came from, General Manager, Bryan McBeth. He was asked “How did you get involved with the Shock?”

Bryan McBeth: After attending the NSCAA convention last year I  decided that I wanted to make something like that for the KC area. About  a month after Shawn and myself linked up via Twitter and then the rest  of the founders came on board and the Shock was born and it literally is  our baby.

Possibly the most interesting quote came from, Media Director, Haley Rose. She was asked, “Did you ever think you would be a part of  an organization like this?”

Haley Rose: I had no idea I would be working with an organization like this. If you asked me a year ago where I’d be now, I probably  would have said at a hard-hitting news organization, working towards a  spot at the foreign correspondent position. I had every intention of being a cutthroat career woman who would be the youngest war  photographer to make the front page of the New York Times. Life had other plans for me though, because instead of ducking bullets in the Middle East, I’m eating Freebird’s burritos and sending more emails than  the entirety of Western Kansas.

There were definitely many more great quotes from  everyone in the staff. You can see them all right here at KC Sports Journalism. Finally, we truly want to thank the Kansas City Shock for their participation.  Stay tuned for an even bigger interview coming up very soon.

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