Inside the Kansas City Shock; Q&A with Darci Wilson

For are seventh part of the "Inside the Kansas City Shock" series, we talked with Darci Wilson. A driven and motivated lady, she has some great responses on what a day in the life is of a Kansas City Shock staff member

For the seventh installment of the “Inside the Kansas City Shock” series, we talked with a very important part of the Kansas City Shock, Darci Wilson. Darci is the Players Resource Manager for the Shock and she covers most of the players contracts and things a player might need. Darci first got involved with the beautiful game when she played youth soccer. She then moved onto playing soccer at Benton High School and is currently studying Business and Accounting at Missouri Western State University in St. Joesph.

Q. How did you get involved with the Shock?

Darci Wilson. Already knowing Shawn, when he had talked about starting the Shock I decided it would be a good investment of time. I played soccer growing up but had quit during high school and thought it would be fun to get back into.

Q. Did you ever think you would be a part of an organization like this?

DW. Not at all. This time last year I would have imagined I would only be working my day job and going to school.

Q. What have you learned the most from the Shock?

DW. There are several things that I have learned from working with the Shock. Soccer is a very politically driven sport and a community can do great things when working together, to name a couple.

Q. What has been your favorite part of the Shock so far?

DW. My favorite part has been being able to give girls the opportunity to play soccer post college. Something many of the women in this area thought they would never be able to do. Also making good relationships with the rest of the staff.

Q. How do you balance a job with the Shock?

DW. It is not always easy, especially when you throw college in the mix as well. Typically I try to work on Shock material as soon as I’m off work and my homework is done.

Q. Where do you expect the Shock to be in ten years?

DW. In ten years I expect the Shock to be well known in the Kansas City metro area. I hope that we can establish a good name for ourselves and have support from our community and local business. I would also expect by that point that we would have expanded and have our own stadium



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