Inside the Kansas City Shock; Q&A with Ed Blythe

Ed Blythe, Chief Financial Officer for the Kansas City Shock. Talked with us today in the fourth installment of the "Inside the Kansas City Shock" series.

Episode four of the “Inside the Kansas City Shock” series  continues as we talk with, Chief Financial Officer, Ed Blythe. Blythe’s  background is not big in soccer but he does have a good background in  sports. Blythe’s mentality has never been a “pay-to-play.” He has  always wanted people from low-income homes to play for free. For this  reason Shawn Daugherty presented the opportunity for Ed to be their  Chief Financial Officer. We interviewed Ed and he shared some great  thoughts.

Q. How did you get involved with the Shock?

Ed Blythe. My first involvement came by seeing this new team being talked about on twitter.  I talked with Shawn and Bryan and with my budgeting back ground with Church and the Military I offered my help.

Q. Did you ever think you would be apart of an organization like this?

EB. I don’t remember ever thinking I would be involved with a organization like the KC Shock.

Q. What have you learned the most from the Shock?

EB. That every day people can come together and work hard for a common goal and get it accomplished. We don’t have the funds to just pay out everything and have been working with the community that is willing to help.

Q. What has been your favorite part?

EB. The people to work with, it is a great group and we have become more than just coworkers but friends.

Q. How do you balance a job with the Shock?

EB. Very hard but I work on the Shock during my lunch break and at night after I get home and spend time with my family.

Q. Where do you expect the Shock to be in ten years?

EB. Playing on our own field with players that had been unknown to National Teams until they came to play with us and are able to increase there skills. No player will ever pay to play for us.

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