Inside the Kansas City Shock; Q&A with Jamie Wiley

Jamie Wiley, Director of Sales, is the subject of today's "Inside the Kansas City Shock" series.

Jamie Wiley, Director of Sales, is the subject of our sixth interview for the “Inside the Kansas City Shock” series. Jamie has an extensive¬† soccer background that is similar to Nicole Ortiz. Jamie started his soccer career at the age of eight and since has coached youth teams but also still plays the game. Jamie has a Class E merchandise and sales license and controls all merchandise sales for the Kansas City¬† Shock. Jamie is a great guy and the “Kit-Man” for the Kansas City Shock.

Q. How did you get involved with the Shock?

Jamie Wiley. I was fortunate to meet Shawn on Twitter and begin discussing womens soccer in KC with him, after some discussions we spoke more along the lines of the Kansas City Shock developing a logo and communicating.

Q. Did you ever think you would be apart of an organization like this?

JW. I still pinch myself thinking how lucky I am to be involved with the Shock. I anticipated I would be a part of a club team more likely as a coach. I have enjoy the administrative role I fill as the Kit-man, and Director of Merchandise.

Q. What have you learned the most from the Shock?

JW. I think what I have learned most is a different passion for the game. I knew I loved it as a fan and a coach. But now I know that I have a desire to make the most of the time I have in the sport and “Grow the game” especially in KC for the women’s side

Q. What has been your favorite part?

JW. My favorite part is tomorrow and the day after that. It is like opening a present when I get to work on team stuff. The way I look at it is I will keep learning and meeting people in the sport. So who will it be tomorrow? That’s why I think my favorite thing is the future.

Q. How do you balance a job with the Shock?

JW. Balancing my day job and the Shock…late nights and making the most of technology helps me with that. And mostly the other staff members/founders we are a team, we work together making this team a reality.

Q. Where do you expect the Shock to be in ten years?

JW. In 10 years I want the Shock to be a team with the best looking uniforms…just kidding. I would like the Shock to make a name for themselves in the womans side as a team for other teams to model themselves after. The team is bigger than any one of us on the staff. It is big because it is for the players who are still in grade school and middle/high school that will attend our games and play with our crest on their jersey. They will drive this team like we are now.

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