Livestrong and Sporting KC Terminate Contract

It was announced Tuesday night that Livestrong foundation and the Sporting KC’s have terminated their alliance. Thus, Livestrong will no longer sponsor Sporting KC’s stadium. It is disappointing to see Livestrong and Sporting KC part ways, yet most should know why. According to a report by ESPN, the most significant reason why the two parted ways was because Sporting KC failed to pay the 1 million dollars it owed Livestrong in 2012. Yet many believe it is because Livestrong is folding as a company and Sporting KC did not want a company, who is now known for sponsoring a cheater, to sponsor their stadium. Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman said in a statement provided to,

“We are disappointed to learn Livestrong is deploying tactics designed to force us into an unacceptable arrangement, after months of good faith discussions in which we believed progress had been made. We were not expecting the foundation to treat a partner in this manner, especially given the tumultuous environment they have thrust us into over the past year — while we staunchly defended the mission of the foundation. Our faith and trust in this partnership has been permanently damaged; therefore we are terminating our agreement with Livestrong immediately.”

The mood right now is not necessarily frustration but disappointment. With the start of the season just around the corner, many people are wondering who will sponsor the stadium next. Sporting KC Ownership will have to release a few things soon, with the first and most important being who will be the sponsor the stadium, if any. More news will be provided on this story once heard.

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