Mavericks Bounce Back to Win 4-3 Over the Mallards

Colt King and Mitch McColm fight early in the first period. King won the fight, sparking the Mavericks to a 4-3 victory against the Quad City Mallards. Photo Credit goest to Jeremiah Griffith

Ryan Jardine scores his first goal of the night and the Mavericks second goal of the game. The Mavericks would go onto win 4-3. Photo Credit goes to Jeremiah Griffith

A tough loss ended a four game win streak and the Mavericks knew they had to bounce back against the Quad City Mallards. Bouncing back is always hard especially against an opponent like the Mallards who seemed to have had theMavericks number in the past. The game was tough for the Mavericks and yet,after a back and forth battle, the Mavericks found a way to win.

The first period started the back and forth battle. Even before the firstgoals, tension was mounting between the Mavericks and the Mallards. In the 5th minute, Colt King and Mitch McColm dropped the gloves and threw some heavypunches. Both players were sent to the sin bin where they would serve five minutes for fighting. Just minutes after the fight, 10:02 into the first period, Riley Emmerson found the net after a rebounding a John Scott-Dickson shot. The Mallards struck just twenty seconds later, when Anthony Pedicario rebounded and scored. The goal was assisted by Matt Boyd and Jason Kostadine. Ten minutes later, the first period ended in a tie of 1-1.

The second period was almost identical to the first. The Mavericks, Ryan Jardine scored his first goal of the night, in the 13th minute, after a superb pass from Sebastian Thinel. The Mallards then scored within 20 seconds of the original Mavericks goal. The Mallards goal was scored by Mike Hellyer and was assisted by Mickey Lang. The Mavericks then scored again, in the 14th minute, when Andrew Courtney found the net after a good pass from Ryan Jardine.

Leading 3-2 going into the third period, the Mavericks weren’t looking to allow anymore goals. Unfortunately, the Mallards found a way to score, in the 5th minute, Matt Boyd scored tying the game at three. Mickey Lang assisted the goal. Just two minutes later, the Mavericks scored their fourth goal. The goal was scored by Ryan Jardine, his second of the night, and was assisted by Andrew Courtney. With 13 minutes left in the game, the Mavericks knew they either had to have an unstoppable defensive or score another goal while allowing none. The Mavericks chose to have an unstoppable defense especially Mike Clemente, who stopped at least five shots, but maybe the player that helped the most was Podge Turnbull. Podge sacrificed his body more then once and when the game came to a close, the Mavericks had shot down the Mallards, winning 4-3.

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