Mavericks go All Out and Win 5-3 Late in the Third

After a three straight losses, the Missouri Mavericks had to win a game soon or else they would be right back where they started in late November. That needed win came against the Tulsa Oilers, who are the worst team in the CHL. Though the Oilers proved that they could stay in the game until the final minutes, they still lost 5-3 to the Mavericks. Scott Hillman thoughts on the game were merely,

“Big night for the special teams. Great focus in the third period to win the game late. The defensive core and role players really came up big and Thinel continues to lead us.”

The first period was very exciting showcasing three goals, two from Tulsa and one from the Mavericks. The Mavericks found the net first, in the 8th minute, when Sebastian Thinel shot and the puck went sizzling into the net. The goal was unassisted and put the Mavericks ahead 1-0. The Oilers scored the next two goals in a one-minute span. The first goal came, in the 13th minute, when Gary Steffes found the net after an astonishing pass from Sean Erickson. Then in the 14th minute, the Oilers found the net again when Ben Gordon shot and scored, giving the Oilers a 2-1 lead. Ryan Menei assisted the goal. Five minutes later the period ended with the Mavericks trailing 2-1.

The second period had the least action of all the with only one goal scored but the Mavericks scored the goal. The goal came, in the 12th minute, when Kenton Miller went top shelf and scored. Evan Vossen received the assist on the goal. With the goal, the Mavericks tied the game at two.

The third period offered up four goals. The Mavericks scored three while the Oilers only scored once. Dave Pszenyczny scored the first Maverick goal, in the 4th minute, after a great pass from Brandon Smith. In the 8th minute, the Oilers scored their last goal of the game on a Sean Erickson lamplighter that sailed past Michael Clemente. With the game tied at three, the Mavericks knew they couldn’t go into overtime again. So in the 17th minute, Sebastian Thinel went top-shelf and scored the go-ahead goal. Brandon Smith assisted this goal as well. Colt King scored the put away goal, in the 19th minute, on an empty net. Once again, Sebastian Thinel found the score sheet by receiving the assist for the goal.


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