Mavericks Lose 4-1 to the Oilers

This is just one of the thirty save Michael Clemente made in Friday Nights game against Tulsa. Even though the Mavericks lost 4-1, Clemente had another shut down performance. Photo Credit goes to Jeremiah Griffith

The final score as the game to a close between the Mavericks and Oilers was 4-1. The Oilers won the game because of some sloppy play in the first period by the Mavericks. Scott Hillman’s thoughts on the game were simply,

“Slow start for us. It was definitely what we were afraid of. The frustration comes from guys who don’t have slow legs but slow brains. We gave up more odd man rushes in the first period then we did in the last game and Clemente held us in coming out of that period 1-0. This wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened, but whenever we got chances their [Oilers] goalie shut us down. We had plenty of high quality opportunities, we just didn’t get the puck behind their goalie tonight.”

The first period was sloppy for the Mavericks from the start, as they let four fast breaks into their zone within three minutes. In the 7th minute, The Oilers, Patrick Schafer rebounded a Ryan Menei shot and scored. After six great scoring chances by the Mavericks and a couple good scoring chances by the Oilers, the period ended with the Oilers leading 1-0.

Something sparked in the Mavericks players heads when the second period began. The Mavericks allowed less chances for the Oilers to score and found more chances to score themselves. The first fight of the game came when Kellen Tochkin and Sean Erickson dropped the gloves, in the 10th minute, and threw some heavy punches. Both were sent to the penalty box for five minutes after the fight. Just after the fight, in the 13th minute, the Oilers, Ryan Menei went top shelf after a good pass from Ben Gordon.

With the Oilers leading 2-1, the third period became a desperation attempt for the Mavericks to save the game. In the 13th minute, after a beautiful outlet pass by John Scott-Dickson. Colt King found an opening in the net and scored. Unfortunately, this would be the Mavericks only goal of the game. The next two Oilers goals came on an empty-netter and were back to back. The first happened with about 58 seconds left in the game and was scored by Kyle Maraini and the second, which clinched the game for the Oilers, was scored with 33 seconds left. The goal once again came on an empty net and was scored by Ben Gordon. After the goal, the Mavericks had one more opportunity to score but failed allowing the Oilers the 4-1 win.


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