Mavericks put-out the Blaze in a 4-2 Win

After a tough 6-0 loss against the Quad City Mallards just two nights earlier, the Mavericks were looking to get back on track with a win over the Blaze. The Mavericks were without their coach, Scott Hillman, after some critical moves got him a one-game suspension. Assistant Coach, Simon Watson took the reins of the Mavericks and the team played well with Watson in control. The Mavericks won 4-2 and Simon Watson showed that he could run the team with the help of Kenton Miller and Mathieu Corbeil.

Even though the Mavericks were able to get 13 shots and only allowed 7, neither team was able to score in the first period. The first goal of the game was scored 34 seconds into the second period, by the Blaze’s, Jon Booras. The goal was assisted by Brett Lutes and Nicklas Lindberg. The Mavericks tied the game four minutes later when Kenton Miller scored after he shot a heavy wrist-shot that sailed past, Bloomington online games pokies goalie pokies online game, Ross MacKinnon. With the game tied at 1, the Blaze took the lead again with 6:45 remaining in the second. This goal was scored by David Gilbert after he took advantage of a mistake and scored on Mathieu Corbeil who was mispositioned. The period ended with the Blaze leading 2-1.

The Mavericks would not settle for the Blaze’s lead and staged a comeback scoring three goals and allowing none. The first came just one minute into play and was scored by Kellen Tochkin after he rebounded a Sebastian Thinel shot. The goal tied the game but the Mavericks didn’t stop there, scoring again at the 4:58 mark. This goal was scored by Kenton Miller, marking his second of the game, and assisted by Blake Forsyth and John Scott-Dickson. With the Mavericks leading 3-2, the Blaze pulled goalie, Ross MacKinnon with a 1:30 left in the game. Less then 10 seconds later, Evan Vossen shot from center-ice and scored on the empty-net.

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