Mavericks Rock the Oilers 7-5 in Tulsa

Coming off a great win against the Quad City Mallards, the Missouri Mavericks headed to Tulsa seeking a second straight win against the Oilers. The Mavs found the 7-5 win they needed and moved up to ninth place standing in the Central Hockey League almost sustaining a playoff spot.

  The first period was the dullest period of the game as only one goal was scored. In the 4th minute, the first goal was scored by Mike Ullrich, on the power play, and was assisted by Ryan Menei. The first period ended 1-0 in favor of the Oilers.

The second period showcased three goals total. The first goal came in the 5th minute, when Mitchell Beausoleil, Tulsa, scored after a good pass from Greg Steffes. The first Maverick goal came in the 10th minute, after a David Simoes slap-shot that slipped past Oilers’ Goalie, Matt Garman. The goal was assisted by Kenton Miller and Colton Hayes. The equalizing goal came just minutes later, in the 15th minute, when John Scott-Dickson scored after a great pass from Sebastian Thinel. The second period ended in a 2-2 draw. 

  The third period was an all-out battle for both teams. The Tulsa Oilers won the starting face-off and scored   The third period was an all-out battle for both teams. The Tulsa Oilers won the starting face-off and scored first, in the 2nd minute. Jeff Buvinow scored the goal and the assist went to Ryan Cramer. Then, less than a minute later, the Mavs equalized after a great goal by Sebastian Thinel. The goal was assisted by Brian Bicek and Andrew Courtney. The Mavericks took their first lead of the game, in the 5th minute, after an amazing goal by Brandon Smith. The Mavericks then scored the third unanswered goal, in the 8th minute. This time the goal was scored by Kenton Miller and assisted by Colton Hayes. Tulsa scored, in the 15th minute, after an incredible shot by Brandon Gordon. The Mavericks scored once again, in the 18th minute. The goal was scored by Dave Pszenyczny and was assisted by Sebastian Thinel. The Oilers also scored in the 18th minute, when Matt Ullrich found the net for the second time that night. That final effort for the Oilers did not help as the Mavericks found the net with 10 seconds left. This time the goal was scored by Brian Forsyth.

  The game ended with some pushing and shoving but the Mavericks came out on top 7-5. The three stars were 3rd: Matt Ullrich, Tulsa, 2nd: Kenton Miller, and 1st: Sebastian Thinel.  

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