Mavericks Trample the Blaze 5-2

This is just one of the many opportunities that the Mavericks had attacking. The final score of the game was 5-2 in an easy win over the Bloomington Blaze. Ryan Jardine, Kenton Miller, Sebastian Thinel and Kellen Tochkin scored the goals for the Mavericks. Photo Courtesy of Jeremiah Griffith

On Tuesday, the Mavericks played the Bloomington Blaze for the ninth time this season. The Mavs were desperately looking for a win to maintain fifth place in the CHL standings. After 60 minutes, the Mavericks were on top, winning 5-2. The game broke the dreaded three-game losing streak and the players were seemingly happy. Mavericks Coach Scott Hillman said,

“The guys in that locker room were hungry for a win and they went out and won convincingly. Every game is big from here on out, and we needed to get something  positive started tonight.”

In the first period, the Mavericks docked three goals. The first goal came just 1:43 into the period when Kenton Miller received an excellent feed from Sebastian Thinel and scored on, Blaze goalie, Ross MacKinnon. The Mavericks netted their second goal just 13 seconds later when Riley Emmerson scored after a good feed from Ryan Jardine. Play went on into the first period and with just under two minutes left, Ryan Jardine scored the third goal of the period for the Mavericks. This goal was assisted by Jared Lavender and Jesse Perrin.

With a 3-0 lead starting the second, the Mavericks were just looking to score more goals. With just 3:18 left to play in the second, Kellen Tochkin scored a power play goal making the score 4-0. Just two minutes later, Bloomington docked their first goal of the game when Brett Lutes scored after a great pass from David Gilbert. At the end of the period, the Mavericks were leading 4-1.

The Mavericks scored first in the third period when Kenton Miller scored just 5:25 into the period. This goal was assisted by Sebastian Thinel and Kellen Tochkin. Less then 30 seconds later, Bloomington scored their final goal of the game. The goal was scored by Sean O’ Connor and assisted by Steve Makaway.

When the game came to a close, the Mavericks were on top 5-2. They played a great game and got the well-deserved win after a tough weekend. Like Coach Hillman said, “Every game is big from here on out…” The Mavericks have eleven games remaining in the season. These 11 games are important.  They may lose a few but if they can win the games versus Denver, Wichita, and Allen, they should be set for the rest of the season.

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