Mavericks Trounce the Oilers 5-0

Kenton Miller, 28, scores the third Mavericks of five Mavericks goals in a 5-0 win  over the Tulsa Oilers. Photo credit goes to Jeremiah GriffithÂ

After a tough loss just one night earlier, the Mavericks knew how vital this game was. The Mavericks never once trailed in the game and that lead to a decisive victory for them. The final score of the game was in 5-0 favor of the Mavericks.

“It’s redemption for the way we came out last night. We had such a slow start last night obliviously much better tonight,” Said Scott Hillman, “Both sides of the special teams were much better and that always a big key but overall I thought the guys executed the system better then we have done before.”

In the first period, the Mavericks score two goals. The first came 11:38 into the game when John Scott-Dickson found the net. Just three minutes after the goal, David Simoes and Patrick Schafer dropped the gloves and fought. Simoes won the fight but both were sent off for the remaining of the period. The second goal came 2:56 left in the first period. The goal was scored by Trevor Kell and was assisted by Ryan Jardine.

Leading 2-0 going into the second period, the Mavericks just kept on playing hard. The effort lead to three more goals. The first goal came 8:52 into the second period and was scored by Kenton Miller. Dave Pszenyczny assisted the goal. The fourth Mavericks goal came 14:46 into the second period when John Scott-Dickson found the net after a great pass by Jared Lavender. The final goal of the game came with two minutes left in the period. Brandon Smith scored the goal and John Scott-Dickson was credited with the assist.

The Mavericks were leading 5-0 going into the third and that would be the final score of the game. No goals or fights happened in the third leading to a Mavericks win. Matheiu Corbeil’s thoughts on the the game were,

“I’m very happy, getting this win was important. Coming back from Chicago, I was excited to see my boys again and I did my best to get the win…I am very happy we got it.”

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