Mavericks Win Game 1, 3-1 Against the Rush

Mathieu Corbiel was very unstoppable against the Rapid City Rush, allowing only one goal is the 3-1 win for the Mavericks. This is just one of the 35 plus stops he made on Friday.


On Friday, in Rapid City, the Missouri Mavericks faced off against the Rapid City Rush. This was the first of a two game series between the teams and was won 3-1 by the Mavericks.  Perhaps one of the biggest reasons the Mavericks won is because of Mathieu Corbiel. Corbiel had a stellar performance and helped tremendously in a couple different ways. He stopped 35 plus shots while only allowing one goal and he gave Mike Clemente some much-needed rest.


The Mavericks showcased a fairly good first period, scoring once.  That goal was scored in the 1st minute, when John Scott-Dickson found the lower left corner after a great relay pass from Trevor Kell. The only fight of the period came, in the 4th minute, when Justin Sawyers and Riley Emmerson dropped the gloves. Emmerson was clearly frustrated after the fight as Sawyers allowed very few punches to be thrown. Both players went to the sin bin but Sawyers was given an extra two minutes for crosschecking. When the period came to a close, the Mavericks were leading 1-0.


The second period was much more evenly matched than the first as the Rush and the Mavericks scored. But before any goal was scored, there was a huge fight. That fight happened, in the 5th minute, when Colt King and Greg Gruenke went at it. King threw some very heavy punches and literally knocked out Gruenke. Both players were sent to the penalty box for five minutes. The first goal of the period was scored by the Rush, in the 15th minute, when David Surma went top shelf after a good pass from, former Mavericks, Jamie VanderVeeken. Some became worried that this game was heading in the Rush’s winning direction but, in the 17th minute, David Perrin shot a slap-shot that went right through Tim Boron’s legs and into the goal. The goal was assisted by Ryan Jardine and marked the second goal of the game for the Mavericks.


Leading 2-1 going into the third period, the Mavericks were very much aware of the threat the Rush poised, but the Mavericks controlled it and allowed the Rush no goals. The only goal of the period came, in the 19th minute, when Kyle Hood scored on an empty net. When the final horn sounded, the Mavericks had won 3-1. The person who should be most credited with win tonight has to be Mathieu Corbiel. Corbiel stopped at least 35 shots and kept the game under control while also giving Mike Clemente some needed rest.

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