Mavericks Win Game Two 5-2

On Saturday evening, the Missouri Mavericks were still looking for their first home win after a Friday night loss to the Bloomington Blaze. The Mavs found the win, scoring five goals and only allowing two. Mathieu Corbiel, the goalie for the Mavs, played an amazing game blocking 34 shots and only allowing two goals. The Maverick’s coach, Scott Hillman had some thoughts on the performance:

“This is his first win with the organization. He has been a very successful goaltender. Vancouver believes in him.  He was a strong goaltender in the American Hockey League. So tonight we saw why he is in our locker room.

The first goal for the Mavericks came in the 14th minute of the first period when Andrew Courtney delivered a pass to Brian Bicek.  Bicek passed to Kellen Tochkin who scored his fifth goal of the season. With about one minute to go in the first period, Colt King and Nicklas Lindberg dropped the gloves and fought. The fight ended the first period with a 1-0 lead in favor of the Mavericks.

The Mavs scored their second goal in the 12th minute of the second period when Sebastien Thinel and Jamie Vanderveeken went 2 on 1 with Blaze defender Tyson Dowzak. Thinel beat Dowzak’s shot and scored putting the Mavs ahead 2-0. Less than three minutes later, Bloomington’s Matthew Lark capitalized on a mistake by the Mavs and Lark scored.

The Mavs had the lead going into the third period and it stayed that way. Brandon Smith, of the Mavs, scored a goal in the sixth minutes after a great pass by David Simones.  In the 10th minute, Jeff Pierre scored the game-clinching goal after a good outlet pass by Sebastian Thinel. The Blaze scored their second and last goal in the 11th minute after Nicklas Rioux passed the puck to David Gilbert who barely scored. The fifth and final goal came in the 18th minute when Brian Bicek scored after a magnificent pass by Jeff Pierre. The Mavs won 5-2 and Jeff Pierre was given the “Player of the Game” honors.

“I thought that this was an exciting game. You know when we are putting out 47 shots in 60 minutes it means we are doing a lot of things right. We got their (the Blaze) shot total up a little more than we wanted to but we are consistently out-shooting team each week which means we are doing something right. We still have to buckle down and work on some things defensively,” said Scott Hillman when asked his thoughts on the game.

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