Missouri Mavericks Outmatched in Fort Worth

Adam Hogg, Fort Worth, takes a shot on Mike Clemente, Missouri, in the 6-2 loss to the Brahams. The Mavericks originally started Austin Lee in goal but was pulled after allowing three goals in less than a two minute span.

The Missouri Mavericks traveled to Fort Worth, Saturday, after an overtime win just 18 hours before. The Mavericks were looking to get back on a winning streak with a win against the Brahams but did not find the win they wanted because of a deplorable first period. If the Mavericks did not have such a deplorable first period they would still have had a chance of winning the game. You cannot blame Mavs Coach, Scott Hillman for the loss even though he let, rookie goalie, Austin Lee start. Lee was clearly not ready for the start and Hillman made the right decision to pull him just five minutes in. Hillman said before the game,

“We wanted to give Mike(Clemente) some rest, he has been starting in the net for
us since December 1st and we wanted to give him some rest.”

The idea obviously did not go as planned because Hillman had to put Clemente in. The rest of the game, the Brahams found the net three more time one of which was on an empty net. Scott Hillman looked very upset at himself and probably is kicking himself today because Austin Lee was not ready to start. Now, for a period by period overview.

The first period was a meltdown for the Mavericks from the puck drop. The Mavericks allowed four goals and scored none. The first Fort Worth goal came, in the 4th minute, when Chad Wooland shot and scored. Brendon Hodge was credited with the assist. Less than thirty seconds later, Wooland broke away and found the net. This goal was assisted by Nick Schneider. Then, in the 5th minute, Daniel Spivak shot and scored for the Brahams. That was the third goal for the Brahams in a span of a minute and ten seconds. Austin Lee, the Mavericks goalie, was pulled after those three goals. The Brahams scored one more goal in the 1st period. The goal came, in the 15th minute, when Adam Hogg found a break away and scored on Mike Clemente. Just four minutes after that goal, the first period concluded with a 4-0 lead in favor of the Brahams.

The second period, the Mavericks found a way to score but also allowed a goal. In the 7th minute, Podge Turnbull, of the Mavericks, shot and scored on one of the most impossible shots in hockey. The goal was assisted by Dave Pszenyczny and Evan Vossen. The Brahams scored their fifth goal of the game, in the 9th minute, on a penalty shot. Sy Nutkevich took the penalty shot and scored. The second period was a lot better for the Mavericks but they still had to comeback from a 5-1 deficit.

The third period showed a second goal for the Mavericks but that is all they would get allowing a sixth goal to the Brahams. The Mavericks goal came, just a minute in, on a Kenton Milller wrist shot. Kellen Tochkin assisted the goal. Unfortunately, that would be all the Mavericks scored  and the Brahams, Adam Hogg scored an empty netter with a minute left in the game. In the 19th minute, Jake Morley and Colton Hayes dropped the gloves and starting throwing puches. It is up for debate on who won but it looked as if Hayes dropped Morley first. Just seconds after the fight, the game ended in a 6-2 win for the Brahams.

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