Sporting KC Loses Three in a Row.

As the rain came down at Toyota Park in Chicago, 7-2-0 Sporting KC took on the 3-2-2 Chicago Fire. The match started with Sporting KC receiving the kick-off. The first booking came in the 4th when, midfielder, Julio Cesar tripped up Dominic Orduro. After a long period with no action, Kei Kamara shot a magnificent shot but Sean Johnson, Chicago Fire’s goalie, made a leaping block to stop the shot from scoring. In the 28th minute Arnie Friedrich was subbed out because of a torn right hamstring. Dan Gargan came in on the injury. Less than two minutes later, Bobby Convey scored his first goal this season by a pass from Julio Cesar. In the 38th minute Pavel Pardo received a yellow card after a late tackle on Julio Cesar. Cesar was slow to get up but eventually did and returned to play. Less than one minute later, Gonzalez Sacares received a yellow card for a reckless hit on Kei Kamara. Kamara was down on the ground with serious pain, but did get up. During the 42nd minute Roger Espinoza received a pass from Graham Zusi and rocketed the ball toward the goal but was stopped on an amazing save by Sean Johnson, keeping the score 1-0. After two minutes of added time, Sporting KC held the lead going into the second half.


After a Chicago Fire kick-off, which led to a short trip down the field but  Jimmy Nielsen rejected the a shot. In the 50th minute Dan Gargan took a shot but the ball was punched out of the air, ceasing any goal scoring opportunity. In the 56th minute Chance Myers received his third yellow card this season after a reckless foul on Patrick Nyako. In the 59th minute Dominic Orduro received a penalty kick after a bad foul by Aurelien Collin. Dominic Orduro was successful and scored, which made the score 1-1. Then, in the 61st minute, Roger Espinoza received a red card for a reckless foul after an elbow to Sebastian Guzzini face. In the 74th minute Sporting KC subbed in Teal Bunbury for C.J Sapong. In the 77h minute Marco Pappa sailed the ball from the 30-yard line but was rejected by Jimmy Neilsen.  Also in the 77th minute Fernando Puppo was subbed in for Sebastian Grazzini and Jacob Peterson was subbed in for Bobby Convey. In the 81st minute Dominic Orduro scored on Jimmy Nielsen from short-range which made the score 2-1, The 14,951 fans were very pleased by this goal and knew the game was over after the goal. In the 84th minute Fernando Puppo was citied for a handball and did not score on his breakaway. Lawrence Ollum was subbed in for Mat Besler in the 84th minute after some bad defending by Besler. After three minutes of added time in the second half, Sporting KC couldn’t find a way to win.


When asked about his thoughts on the match, Frank Klopas said, “Obviously in the end, it’s a great feeling.  I give a lot of credit to our players, coming back like that.  They showed a lot of character.  It was a great win against a very good team.  I think that games like this really show the character of the team.  We stick together as a team.  No one knows or understands the work that they put in.  We see it every day, and it’s about doing something special.  We have a good group of players.  Obviously it was a great win, and now we have a little bit of a break and then another busy schedule. Four points in the last two games against two of the top teams… it was fantastic.” Also when asked if the red card had a factor on the win, Klopas said, “Sometimes when a team gets a red card and play shorthanded, the team does better at times.  But I thought that we had a very good second half.  The red card helped a little bit, but our ability to be patient and move the ball was key.  They dropped back in their block of eight, with one on top, they were looking to hit us on the break, and we were very organized tactically.  We were very smart and patient against a very good defensive team… We played as a team and not as individuals.  We took advantage of them being a man down, created chances, and then put the game away.  It was a great victory, but I give credit to the players.  Sometimes when you have that advantage, you play very individualistic and not as a team.  But I felt that we were very good with the ball.”


When Coach Peter Vermes was asked his thought on the goal by Bobby Convey he replied, “I thought that we had a good little one-two out wide, we broke the play, they had to leave their position.  I thought Bobby did a great job of coming in from left to right.  It was a great service to the top on the box as opposed to inside where the goalkeeper or defense can get to it or where all the players are recovering.  He made the correct run, it was the right ball and I think it was a great finish, great timing.  He actually had another one that Sean Johnson actually played very well today, had two very good saves, one off of Kei [Kamara] and one off of Roger Espinoza that kept them in the game.  It really did.  It could have been two or three.  It was a good action that we work on quite a bit.” Also when Vermes was asked how the red card changed the game he said “It changed the game immensely.  Suddenly we are now trying to hold on and now down a man and more importantly we now lose a guy who is a solid player in our team.  It’s not a red card and unfortunately we now have to deal with that, not only now, but we have to see if there’s an appeal or whether he’s out for the next game or what have you.  It affects quite a few things right now.”

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