Sporting KC Unveils New Kit

Sporting KC unveils their newest kit in preparation for their season. The unveiling comes with just three days until opening weekend for Sporting against Philadelphia. Photo Courtesy of Sporting KC


On Wednesday, Sporting KC and company unveiled their newest ‘primary home jerseys’. The new jerseys have a mix of Sporting and dark blue with the Sporting logo up near the top-left corner. One of the biggest new concepts about the jersey is the sponsor, Ivy Funds, which is on the chest area of the jersey. It also has a line that represents the state line between Kansas and Missouri. This  shows Sporting KC’s strong ties with both states.  Sporting Kansas City Vice President of Stadium and Brand Revenue, John Moncke said,

“Fashion is an important element of the Sporting Kansas City brand and the new 2013 primary kit takes this focus to new levels. We wanted the jersey to be a modern kit that imbues the ethos of our brand, so we played a very hands-on role in the design process.”

The unveiling comes with just three days left until Sporting KC kicks off their season against the Philadelphia Union and everyone is ready for that day. Fans as well as the players are stoked as these events lead up to a big weekend for Sporting. The excitement continues into the weekend in Philadelphia but the biggest date for Sporting fans right now is March 16th, Sporting KC’s home opener.


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