The 2013 MLS All Star game will be played in Kansas City

It was announced today that the 2013 MLS All Star game will be held at Livestrong Sporting Park. The date is July 31st and Peter Vermes wil be the MLS All Star's coach. Photo Credit goes to and

On Thursday, MLS Commissioner, Don Garber announced that the 2013 MLS All-Star Game would be played at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. In the press conference, Don Garber said,

“The thought of bringing a big event here[MLS All Star Game] existed from the beginning. As soon as new ownership came in place and, when this stadium was
built, we knew we were going to bring a big event here. It was just a matter of time before we finalized that concept…We thought it was a great way of saying thank you to ownership, the fans and Kansas City for doing such a great job with our sport and our league.”

It was also announced that Peter Vermes would coach the MLS All-Star team and, according to some, Sporting KC will be represented well when the All-Star game happens in July. Possibly the most interesting detail about this decision is that this is the first MLS All-Star game to come to Kansas City and will happen just one year after the MLB All-Star game. The game will air on ESPN, Univision, and TSN, which will be great publicity for Kansas City, just like the MLB All-Star game

With this being the second year an All-Star game was held in Kansas City, it is very obvious that Kansas City and surrounding areas are growing. This is a very big announcement for Kansas City and will definitely mark improvement in all Kansas and Missouri economies. The Legends shopping center will likely make the most revenue out of any area in the Kansas City area. Sporting KC, CEO, Robb Heineman thoughts on the whole All Star game were,

“This is a huge honor. It is something as a city that we have worked for very hard. There is nothing that compares to our fans here in Kansas City. You are what make this day possible for us. The stadium is a nice place but what is far better are the people that fill it. On behalf of Cliff and Greg and Pat and Neal and I, we want to thank you Kansas City for giving us that opportunity. I think this is going to be a great day. It is just another event in a long series of fantastic events that we have had here in this stadium. We are honored to be the host. We will do our best to make it as wonderful of an All-Star Game as there ever has been in our League. Don you have our commitment to that. And we look forward to the announcement here in a couple months of whoever the opponent may be. I’m happy for Peter. It is a great thing for Peter, it is a great honor for him and I’m sure he’ll do a great job.”

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