The 2014 World Cup effect on Sporting KC

For the 2014 World Cup, Sporting KC will send three players to qualifying. Kei Kamara will play for Sierra Leone, Roger Espinoza will play for Honduras and Graham Zusi for the United States.

Sporting KC lost three of its members to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Graham Zusi, United States, Kei Kamara, Sierra Leone, and Roger Espinoza, Honduras. Even though Graham Zusi will not be available against the San Jose Earthquakes, Kei Kamara and Roger Espinoza will play. Going into Saturday, Chris Wondolaski of the Earthquakes will also be unavailable, so, according to Teal Bunbury, “Things will be evened out even though Zus is gone.  Wondolaski is also gone and he is their striker, but we have our supporting staff and they have theirs, so it should be a good game.”

Kei Kamara was asked to play for Sierra Leone last week and will play for Leone over international break. When asked about what the call was like, Kamara said, “Just as usual, I’m always just working hard with Sporting so I can get the call to play for my country and I am always excited when I get the call up.” Kamara also said, “I think the effect on Sporting will not be seriously affected by the qualifications because all of us play over break and will continue as far as country goes.”

Later, Roger Espinoza was also asked what effect FIFA was having on Sporting.  He replied, “You know there isn’t going to be that much of an effect on us because it is over break and they have no problem with this team…So no there is no effect.”

When Captain Jimmy Nielsen was asked what effect FIFA is having he said, ” I think it is pathetic that we don’t have a break over Nationals.  We should have one because our team is gone and there is no one to fill that void…I think it is for everyone’s best that every team have their best player available.” He continued by saying, “This is definitely something they need to change if the MLS wants to become a better league…This is just not what we or the fans want and I’m sure you ask any fan and they say they want that player back.”

Overall the 2014 World Cup will have no effect on Sporting except for the Open Cup game against Orlando City and the regular season game against Toronto FC. The number one thing that would hurt Sporting KC would be if any of the respective countries do well in qualifying and advance to the World Cup.


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