The Kansas City Shock Find a Supports Group

The Kansas City Underground logo! The Underground are the supports group of the Kansas City Shock and are lead by people dubbed K & C.

A support group drives and motivates a team. A support group brings noise and energy to a stadium and in order to succeed in soccer you have to have a support group. The Kansas City Shock and company knew they would not succeed without one and a couple people, dubbed K & C, started a support group for the Shock. The name of this fan base is the Kansas City Underground.  Who are these people? What is their mission? How do they plan to support the Shock?

The first question to be asked is Who are the Underground? The Kansas City Underground is the support group of the Kansas City Shock. The leaders of the group go by the letters of K & C. The Underground want to help grow the game with the Shock and have been with the Shock from the start. They also wear a lot of mask.

What is the mission of the Underground? Shock Owner, Shawn Daugherty, said,

“To support the Kansas City Shock first and foremost. Secondly, to work with the local business image of Kansas City. It’s all about being able to say that our program [the Shock], our staff, our players, our supporter group, everything revolves around the unique image and dynamics of Kansas City.”

How they plan to support the Shock? The Underground themselves answered this question,

“We plan on supporting the VolumePills Shock by any means possible… We are both for fans and a businesses, so the network we are creating will be essential to our efforts now and in the near future when it’s comes to supporting the Shock.”

The Underground also serves as a network that connects small businesses with the Kansas City Shock. When a business sponsors the Kansas City Shock, the Underground decal will pop up in windows and will show that the business supports the Shock.

“That’s one more puzzle piece found. I’ve met with these guys, they’re amazing, dedicated, and passionate. I’m very excited to see what tricks and entertainment they have up their sleeves” Shock Owner, Shawn Daugherty then went on to say, “I love, love, love their concept of having local businesses show a small ‘cling’ along their entryway of their store. It’s not just saying that they support the Shock, more importantly it’s those businesses saying that they support local business growth. Something we can never have enough of. Secondly, they do have ideas and concepts at the individual fan level [scarves are a given], and they have great connections with the supporter groups with Sporting, which means that we already have a strong network growing of support of growing soccer as a whole, for everyone, for anyone, for our city.”

The best way to sum up the Underground is simply they are Kansas City and Kansas City is them. If you see a Underground decal on a business window you will know that that business supports the best women’s soccer team in Kansas City, The Kansas City Shock!

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