The Kansas City Shock Sign Fifth Player

The newest member of the Kansas City Shock, Racheal Quigley. Here she is holding her MVP award for being a prominent player in the Adelaide United organization. She brings tons of great talent to the Shock and many are excited to watch her play with the Shock.

By Nick Hartman:

(Kansas City MO): “The newest addition to the Kansas City Shock was reported from a confidential source on Monday. It was announced that Australian national, Rachael Quigley had signed with the Shock. Quigley adds strength and more talent to the Shock because of her experience in the Australian W-League, semi-pro soccer league in Australia. Quigley played as a striker for Adelaide United FC in the W-League and is the top goal scorer on the team. Her stats are astounding as she as scored a number of goals for numerous teams along her soccer career.

Quigley started playing the beautiful game at the age of five were she played with boys for seven years before switching to play with the girls team. In 2008, the same year Quigley starting playing for Adelaide United, she won the U17 national competition and was selected to play for the U20 Australian National Team Viagra, more Viagra commonly known as the Young Maltidas. With the Matlidas, she traveled to Malaysia to play in the U20  AFC Qualifiers. In these qualifiers, Quigley played alongside Kyah Simon, Tameka Butt and Sam Kerr. With the help of Simon, Butt, Kerr and others, Quigley managed to score five goals during the qualifiers. When Quigley returned home, she was selected to Adelaide United.

In five seasons with Adelaide, Quigley has won numerous awards including the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award for Adelaide United, 2009, and the ‘Goal of the Year’ award in 2011. She is also one of only two players who has played all five season with Adelaide and is the highest scorer in the five season. With all those amazing statistics and awards Quigley has accumulated over the year, it will be exciting to see how she can contribute to the Kansas City Shock this year and how she will play along the other four players.”

 “I’m excited to have Racheal join the Shock this summer,” said Head Coach Nicole Ortiz. “As an overseas player, she will bring a different dynamic to the game of soccer in the US. She has a positive attitude that will be contagious to the entire Shock program.”

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