The Mavericks Come Back but Lose in a shootout to the Mallards

Sebastian Thinel, Missouri, tries to steal the puck from Mickey Lang, Quad City, in overtime. Just minutes later, the Mavericks would lose 5-3 in a sudden-death shootout.

After a three day Christmas break, the Missouri Maverick resumed play against the Quad City Mallards. On paper, the Mavericks beat the Mallards in all categories but the game is not played on paper and the Mavericks lost in a sudden-death shootout. I say this is one of the best losses I have ever seen and if someone were to play this game over again, which the will happen four more times this season, the result will be very different.

The first period was very lackadaisical and offered little action. No goals were scored and no fights were fought. At the end of the period, the Mavericks had out-shot the Mallards 7-6.

The second period was neither full of action nor lackadaisical, it was somewhere in between. Though there were two goals scored and one fight fought, I don’t feel this was the best period of the game. In the 9th minute, the Mavericks, John Scott-Dickson scored the first goal of the game on a wrist shot that went in after a good pass from Dave Pszenyczny. After the goal, tension started firing up and in the 11th minute, David Simoes and Shayne Toporowski dropped their gloves and threw some heavy punches. Simoes took Toporowski down after six heavy hits and they both were sent to the penalty box for five minutes. The Mavericks got a little sloppy, after winning the fight and getting the first goal of the game,they allowed the Mallards to find the net. The goal scored, in the 14th minute, by Mike Stinziani was assisted by Mike Hellyer and Mickey Lang. The period ended six minutes later with the game tied at one.

The third period was the most exciting period of the game. It show-cased four goals! The first and second goals were scored by the Mallards. The first came, in the 6th minute, when Matt Boyd shot and scored after an audacious pass from Mickey Lang. The second goal for the Mallards came, in the 8th minute, on a Mike Hellyer rebound that was sent into the net. The goal put the Mallards ahead 3-1 and left little hope for the Mavericks. The Mavericks scored their second goal of the game, in the 13th minute, when Ryan Jardine found the net after rebounding a John Scott-Dickson slap-shot. The Mavericks were still trailing 3-2 and with a minute left in the game, Scott Hillman, pulled Mike Clemente. This decision almost proved to be disappointing but with a second left in the game, Brandon Smith found the net and sent the game into overtime.

In overtime, neither team scored the needed goal to win the game so the Mavericks and the Mallards went into a shootout tied 3-3.

A shootout is where both team pick five players to go one on one with their respective goalies. Whoever has the most goals after five rounds wins. In result of a tie, the teams go into “sudden-death”. This is where the game is decided in however many rounds it takes.

The shootout began with Obi Aduba, Quad City, and John Scott-Dickson, Missouri. Aduba shot and scored but Dickson missed, making the shootout score 1-0. The second round put Mickey Lang, Quad City, and Kenton Miller, Missouri, against each other. Both Lang and Miller missed. Patrick Levesque, Quad City, and Sebastian Thinel, Missouri, faced off in the third round. Levesque missed but Thinel scored tying the shootout at one. The next two rounds, both the Mallards and Mavericks players missed and the shootout was sent to “sudden-death”. The first two rounds of “sudden-death” showed no goal for the Mavericks or the Mallards. Then in the third round of “sudden-death” Bob Preece, Quad City, scored making the shootout score 2-1. The game came down to Ryan Jardine who missed allowing the Mallards the win.

Even though the Mavericks lost, they still received a point in the CHL standing and moved up to fifth place. I feel this might the best loss ever, but still it is a loss and it is most likely disappointing to the Mavericks management and Scott Hillman.

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