The Mavericks Lose 6-2 to the Thunder

Wichita Goalie, Jung Torrie makes one out of his 18 saves on this shot. The Mavericks were beaten badly 6-2 by the Thunder and their weekend was ‘Disappointing’ according to head coach Scott Hillman. Photo Courtesy of the Wichita Thunder

By Nick Hartman:

(Kansas City, MO) After close losses Friday and Saturday, the Mavericks traveled to Wichita looking for a big win. From the start the Mavericks looked extremely tired as they were giving up bad chances and letting the Thunder break into their zone. The Mavericks just couldn’t get it together. They played sloppy and allowed too many chances. When the game was all over, the final score was 6-2 and Mavericks Coach, Scott Hillman was not happy.

“We were beat in every aspect of the game,” said Mavericks’ Head Coach Scott Hillman. “It was a very disappointing weekend for our team. We played one very good game out of three and gained one point out of six. That leaves two-thirds of our performances lacking execution and a great number of points were lost because of it.”

The first period was the winning period for the Thunder as they secured three goals while allowing none. The first goal came 10:46 into play when Ian Lowe shot and scored. The goal was assisted by Nathan Lutz and Matt Robinson. Just a minute later, Ian Lowe scored again after a great set-up from Andrew Martins. The Thunder scored the third goal with just four minutes left in the first. This goal was scored by Les Ranney and assisted by Jon Madden and Dustin Donaghy. After the goal, Scott Hillman made the decision to pull Mike Clemente.

The second period was much more controlled than the first as the Mavericks only allowed one goal. That goal came with four seconds left in play when Kevin Young scored on the power play. Neil Trimm and Matt Robinson assisted this goal.

With the Thunder leading 4-0 going into the third period, the Mavericks tried to stage a comeback but were ultimately shut down. The Thunder scored first in the third, when Chad Painchaund shot and sent the puck just through Ryan Daniel’s legs. This goal was assisted by Matt Summers and Andrew Martens. The Mavericks scored their first goal 17:30 into the third on a Brandon Smith rebound that John Scott-Dickson tapped into the goal. Just 20 seconds later, the Mavericks scored again. This goal was scored by Kenton Miller and assisted by Blake Forsyth and Blake Smith. With just eight seconds left, the Thunder capped the game off when Neil Trimm scored a power play goal after receiving a great pass from Matt Robinson.


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