The Mavericks Win Over the Thunder in a Thriller in a Shootout

  Evan Vossen, 12, scores the game-winning goal in the shootout against the Wichita Thunder.  Photo Courtesy of Jeremiah Griffith

Two nights in a row the Mavericks were sent into overtime and two nights in a row they won it after regulation. On Saturday, overtime lasted longer then 11 seconds and went into a shootout. In the shootout, the Mavericks won in a sudden-death sixth round. The final sncore was 5-4 and ended with the Mavericks on top over the second-place Wichita Thunder.

The first period was the only period where Wichita lead. Just a 1:29 into the period, RG Flath shot and sent the puck sailing into the goal. The goal couldn’t have happened without the a great set-up by Matt Summers. At the 9:13 mark in the first, Wichita scored again this goal was scored by Neil Trimm. Trimm scored after rebounding an Andrew Martins shot. Two minutes later, Evan Vossen shot and went top-shelf for a great goal. Kenton Miller and Riley Emmerson were credited in assisting the goal. The period ended 2-1 with the Thunder leading.

The Mavericks owned the second period, scoring three goals and only allowing two. The first goal was scored 4:37 into the second on a Kellen Tochkin backhand that slid VolumePills into the goal. The goal was assisted by Kenton Miller. With just 9:08 left in the period, Kenton Miller shot and the puck just sailed over, Wichita goalie, Grant Rollheiser. Credited with the assist was Sebastian Thinel. With five minutes left in the second, Colt King scored the Mavericks third goal after dekeing,Grant Rollheiser. Unfortunately the lead didn’t last long as the Mavericks allowed two goals in the last two minutes.

With the game tied 4-4 going into the third period, the game became a “make it or break it” game. Neither the Mavericks nor the Thunder scored in the third period forcing the game into overtime. In overtime both teams failed to score forcing the game into a shootout.

The shootout went six rounds before Evan Vossen skated, deked and scored the game-winning-goal. After a tense game like this, the Mavericks ended up winning and celebrating ecstatically on the ice. With the team happy, Scott Hillman was also very happy showing his excitement in the post game interview, he said,

“Well a big two points tonight. We were disappointed to give away those two goals late in the second period when we had played so well before that. The guys battled and found a way.”

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