The Mavericks Win the First Game of 2013; The Mavericks Win 4-2 Against the Thunder

Mike Clemente stops Todd Griffith's shot. This save is just on of 49 that Clemente made. Picture Courtesy of Jeremiah Griffith


After a three day New Year break, the Missouri Mavericks played their first game in 2013 against the Wichita Thunder. The Thunder have been a tough team for the Mavericks all season and the Mavs have been looking to win against them for a while. The Mavericks found “the key to victory” beating the Thunder 4-2. Mike Clemente, the Maveicks goalie, stopped 49 shots this game, and arguably had the best performance by any Mavericks goalie ever. When Scott Hillman was asked about his thoughts on the game, he replied,

“Clemente, Clemente, Clemente,”[In reference to Mike Clemente’s amazing game]. Scott then went on to say,  “The second period brought nine consecutive minutes in the box and they [Wichita] were firing from everywhere. The guys have done a pretty good job lately letting him [Mike Clemente] see pucks. Tthere were a few that I don’t know how he saw him and yet they still ended up in his glove. Huge clutch night and period from him and that’s what we really needed.”

The first two Maverick goals were scored in the first period. The first came, in the 2nd minute, on a Colt King snap-shot five feet in front of the goal. The goal was assisted by Ryan Jardine who delivered a great pass. In the 12th minute, Andrew Courtney was given a five minute penalty for boarding. The Thunder could not find a way to score in those five minutes because Mike Clemente was unstoppable. Just one minute before the end of the penalty, John Scott-Dickson scored on a rebounding shot from Kyle Hood. That goal came in the 16th minute and the period ended with the Mavericks leading 2-0.

In the second period, the Mavericks defense started to slump, even though only one goal was scored. The Thunder out shot the Mavericks 17-2 before the first goal was netted. That goal came, in the 11th minute, when R.G Flath poked the puck out of Mike Clemente glove. Jarred Mohr was credited with the assist. After the goal, the Thunder put up eight more shots while the Mavericks only put up four more.

The third period, the Mavericks bounced back and with the lead only by one goal, the Mavs knew they had to score. In the 2nd minute, Sebastian Thinel rebounded the puck off the Wichita goalie and scored. Ryan Jardine assisted the goal. Less than two minutes later, the Mavericks scored their fourth goal of the match, on a Kenton Miller backhander. Colton Hayes delivered a beautiful pass to set up the goal and was credited with the assist. The Thunder scored their final goal, in the 7th minute, when Matt Summers shot and rebounded the puck into the net. This goal was argued because the Mavericks thought there were six men on the ice. Unfortunately, the goal was never overturned and the Thunder cut the lead to two. The game ended 13 minutes later with a Mavericks win 4-2. Sebastian Thinel thoughts on the game were,

‘We played good, we came out pretty hard and had a good forecheck. We played the puck deep and they had a few good chances but Clemente shut them down and kept us in the game. We had a couple big goals right up in the first and it just went from there.”

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