Tough Loss Ends the Streak; The Mavericks Lose 7-3 Against the Blaze

Jared Walker, Bloomington, stands in front of Mike Clemente, Missouri, waiting for the puck. Kyle Hood, Missouri, tries to defend the goal in the 7-3 loss Sunday

On Sunday, the Missouri Mavericks traveled to Bloomington to take on the Blaze and play their third game in three days. The Mavericks were looking to extend their winning streak to eight games and break their old record of seven. Unfortunately, the Mavericks did not find the result they wanted and lost the game to the Blaze 7-3.

The first period was a not a bad period for the Mavericks as they only allowed two goals but both the goals came early and that may have hurt the Mavericks. The first goal came 55 seconds from the drop of the puck. After Matthew Larke found Tyler Gron open, Larke passed the puck to Gron who shot and scored for the goal. Six minutes later, the Blaze capitalized again when Daniel Barczuk scored after a great pass from Nikolas Lindberg. The first period came to a close with the Blaze leading 2-0.

Down 2-0 going into the second period, the Mavericks were looking for goals. The Mavericks found one goal but allowed the Blaze to score three. The Blaze’s first goal came, in the 3rd minute, on a Jon Booras slap-shot. Matthew Larke assisted Pokies the Pokies goal. The second goal for the Blaze came, in the 5th minute, when Nikolas Lindberg scored an unassisted goal on Mike Clemente. After a good pass from Travis Granbois, in the 13th minute, Tyler Gron scored his second goal of the night. The Missouri Mavericks scored their first goal, in the 18th minute. After a great pass from Sebastian Thinel, Colton Hayes fired a shot at the goal and scored. The second period ended in a 5-1 lead for the Blaze.

The Mavericks tried to stage a comeback in the third period but failed to do so allowing two goals while only scoring two. ¬†Like the first two periods, Bloomington struck early, this time scoring in the 2nd minute. The goal was scored by Steve Makaway and was assisted by Nikolas Lindberg. Missouri scored the next two goals with the first coming, in the 6th minute, on a Kenton Miller wrist shot that just slipped by Bloomington’s goalie, Pier-Olliver Pelletier. In the 11th minute, the Mavericks scored their third and final goal of the game. Sebastian Thinel scored the goal with Jeff Pierce assisting it. In the 18th minute, the Blaze put the game out of reach with a goal from Sebastian Trudeau. When the game came to a close, the Blaze won 7-3 killing the winning streak of the Missouri Mavericks.


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