What 2012 Meant to Me in the World of Sports

For me 2012 was a year to remember for a numerous reasons. The best moment of 2012 was starting my blog and writing about teams such as Sporting KC, the Missouri Mavericks and the Kansas City Shock. This was an important moment because I found something I want to continue to do in life. I never thought my blog would last this long and I would enjoy writing so much but, as it turned out, I am really enjoying it.

When I started writing last February, I thought I was going to focus on my local high school and that was it but then, after I found out that I really like writing, I expanded and got credentialed at Sporting KC. That first Sporting KC home game, against the New England Revolution, was a great game but my article after the game not so much. I look back on that article and think, “Wow, that stunk.” As Sporting KC improved, I also started to improve my posts, making them better and easier to read. Before I knew it, the last Sporting KC home game was here. I took my seat next to the other two teen bloggers, Grace Rogers and Isaac Knopf, and like always we chatted away until game time. At about the 60th minute, I started thanking God for giving me the opportunity to write and for the people in the Sporting KC organization opening their doors to let a teen write about them. The game concluded but I knew I was not done writing.

A couple days after the end of the Sporting KC season ended, my dad suggested that I write about the Missouri Mavericks. I the suggestion and on November 10th, I was in the press box at the Independence Events Center watching the Mavericks play hockey. It was a great game that the Mavericks won and with the help from Joe Rozycki, head of the Sin Bin blog, I conducted my first interview with Scott Hillman. As of January 3rd, the Mavericks still have many games left in their season and I am happy to be writing about them.

The final team that I wrote about this year was the Kansas City Shock. I wanted to write about them since they first started up and, with the help of their owner, Shawn Daugherty, and General Manager, Bryan McBeth, that became possible. I wrote a special on the Shock and it received over 200 views. I cannot wait for the Shock to start their inaugural season in April.

Even with 2012 being such a great year for my blog, as 2013 begins, I will assure you, the KC Sports Journalism blog will improve tons. I will debut a new logo, bring on two more writers/photographers, and will start writing about two new teams. By this time next week, the KC Sports Journalism logo will be in place and the two new teams will be announced. 2013 will be the best year KC Sports Journalism will ever have.

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