Women’s Soccer comes back to KC!

The players who tried out for the Shock gather around Shock coach, Nicole Ortiz, for finale instruction as the Shock near ever so close to the start of their inaugural season.

Thursday and Friday brought back women’s soccer to Kansas City as the newest soccer team, The Kansas City Shock, had their inaugural tryout. The Kansas City Shock are the newest women’s soccer team in Kansas City! The Shock will take part in the Women’s Premier Soccer League, which showcases teams from major cities such as Sacremento, California, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tampa, Florida. Thursday was the first tryout for the Shock and was dubbed “whiteout 2012” to the ownership and staff. The Thursday tryout was very successful and showed what could be some great potential stars for the Shock. The Shock’s head coach, Nicole Ortiz thoughts on Thursday’s tryouts were,

“I believe the tryouts progressed great today… We wanted to see what kind of dynamics we had among the group today and we had some players that stood out. I was very impressed with the quality of play on the field. We have a group of excellent soccer players that came together for these two days of tryouts and they meshed well together. Every player today showed up and gave all they had and I am sure tomorrow will be just as good if not better…I am excited about the talent that we have in Kansas City and we have more interest coming in about the team. Just watching the girls that came out today shows that we can be a team that is going to be competitive in the WPSL in 2013. It really shows that we are moving forward in women’s soccer in Kansas City and in the US.”

Friday was the last day of the tryout for the Shock. The tryout showcased very cold weather but showed a lot of talent, especially at goalie and at forward. Nicole Ortiz thoughts on the tryout were,

“The tryout went great, It shows what talent Kansas City has and we have some great girls and some good things that came out of this. With all the colleges we have around here, we do have some great girls that came out.”

The team looks to be coming together well but the coaching staff and ownership still have to cut the roster down to 25 women. When asked how hard this decision is Nicole Ortiz said,

“It’s a tough decision because the talent of all the women and playing field is so level and it is going to be really tough for us.”

The Shock will make their final roster announcement in March and will start their season in May. I am excited to see what the Shock will continue to do and what great decisions they will continue to make.


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